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Holosun Technologies

Holosun has brought you the power of the patent pending ACSS® CQB reticle in
a red dot sight for the first time! The problem with dot sights is that a large
dot is great up close but less useful at distances beyond 100 yards, because
the dot becomes too large to aim with precision. A small dot used in conjunction
with a magnifier fixes that problem, but is slower to acquire in close range snap
shooting. The ACSS reticle uses a large chevron that the eye picks up very easily
for up close shooting. At longer distances, the tip of the chevron is an infinitely
small aiming point perfect for taking precise shots.

The ACSS features three BDC dots underneath the chevron, allowing an unprecedented
600 yards of bullet drop compensation in 7.62 NATO or 5.56 NATO calibers. Auto
ranging and wind leads are also incorporated into this smart reticle. A CQB horseshoe
grabs the eye instantly for close quarters shooting and also approximates the spread
pattern of 00 buckshot at 25 yards. The retical for this sight is a central 2 MOA dot,
centered in a 65 MOA circle with four positioning points. The diameter of the circle
Reticle represents approximately 5'5" at 100 yards 170cm at 100m.

The HS503G is a proven micro dot sight with an auto-on function that switches on the
power with a slight movement of the sight. It comes with a 1913 Picatinny base which
is removable, revealing an Aimpoint Micro-compatible base underneath. It also comes
with the lower 1/3rd co-witness riser mount shown in the photos.

Using "zero" ranges of 25, 50, or 100 yards, the ACSS BDC is compatible with the
following calibers:

5.56 NATO/5.45x39 - 100 to 600 yards
300 BLK/7.62x39 - 50 to 450 yards
12 gauge 1 oz. slug - 25 to 150 yards
7.62x54R - 100 to 600 yards
7.62 NATO/.308 Win - 100 to 600 yards
300 BLK 220 gr Subs - 50 to 150 yards
.22LR 40 gr - 50 to 175 yards
9mm carbine 115gr - 25 to 200 yards

Battery Type - CR2032 3V Lithium Coin
Brightness - 10 Settings
Finish - Hardcoat Anodized
Manufacturer - Holosun
Material - 6061-T6 Aluminum
Mount Style - Aimpoint T1/H1 Compatible
Night Vision Compatible - Yes
Reticle - Exclusive ACSS CQB
Reticle Color - Red
Weight - 4.87 Oz.

  • Item #: HS503G-ACSS
  • Condition: New


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