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Ridgeline 7.2" KeyMOD Rail System
Carbine Length

KeyMOD System
7.2" Length
1.28" Inner Diameter ***Requires the "Slim" Flash Can if applicable.
Weight - 8.4 oz
Ultra Lightweight T6 Aluminum Body
Barrel Nut is Included
Hand Guard is secured with 3 Screws
Monolithic Top Rail slides against the upper receiver rail

Please see the instructions below. Installation should be completed by a gunsmith.

Removing the Barrel Nut
-Unscrew one screw by 1/2 way. Do not completely unscrew it.
-Tap the screw very gently with a plastic hammer until the wedge on the other side drops out.
-Unscrew the screw and remove it.
-Remove the wedge from the other side.
-Take a punch and tap out the remaining wedge from the other side.
-Repeat the process removing all screws and wedges securing the barrel nut.
-Screw the barrel nut 2/3 way (while still inside the hand guard) on to your upper receiver.
-Pull the two apart.
-Unscrew the barrel nut from the upper receiver.
Installing the Hand Guard
-Install the barrel nut onto the receiver. Use gun grease for lubricant on the threads.
-Torque the barrel nut to a minimum of 40 ft/lbs and a maximum of 55 ft/lbs.
-Place the hand guard onto the barrel nut.

-Push it up against the upper receiver.
-Reinstall the screws and wedges so they fit loosely.
-Line up the hand guard rail to the receiver rail.
-Tighten the screws 3-4 turns per screw then move to the next one. Do not tighten one screw all
of the way at one time.

-Continue to tighten the screws 3-4 turns in an alternating pattern.
-Periodically check the alignment between the hand guard and the receiver to ensure alignment.
-Do not over tighten the screws.
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