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16" .223 Wylde Barrel
Can also fire 5.56 NATO
4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel
Melonite Nitride Treated
Lightweight Profile
1x8 Twist - M4 Ramps
Mid Length Gas System
.750 Gas Block Area
Threaded 1/2 x 28
Weight: 1lb 9oz

The .223 Wylde hybrid chamber was designed by Bill Wylde of Greenup, IL to exploit the
accuracy advantages of the .223 Remington commercial chambering without pressure problems
or compromising the functional reliability when using the high velocity 5.56x45mm NATO military
ammunition. It is used by many rifle manufacturers who sell "National Match" configuration AR-15
rifles, barrels, and upper receivers. The .223 Wylde achieves better accuracy by having a chamber
throat that is tighter than 5.56x45mm but will still function reliably with military 5.56 ammunition
as the case dimensions are the same. In short, it will give you the accuracy of a real SAAMI when
using the good ammo, but also allow you to use cheap surplus ball ammo safely. Please Google .223
Wylde if you are unfamiliar with this chamber. It is truly the best of both .223 and 5.56 chambers.
Melonite Nitriding treatment turns a standard chrome moly steel barrel into a very slick, hard 
and corrosion resistant barrel. Unlike chrome lining, the Melonite process is a treatment done
to the surface instead of adding a layer of material. This treatment is done to both the inside and
outside of the barrel. The slick surface will never peel, is thicker than chrome lining, will not
negatively affect accuracy as chrome lining does and will reduce the amount of friction created.
Less friction equals less bore surface wear which will extend the barrel life. Another added benefit
is carbon does not easily adhere to this surface making your cleaning job that much easier. This
technology has been used by Glock, Springfield and Heckler & Koch for years and is gaining
popularity as more companies are offering their products with this treatment.

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